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Your Input Will Shape our Future!


PlanGallatin is first and foremost an opportunity for each resident and interested stakeholder to share with City leadership their opinions and expectations for how the City should grow.  Throughout the effort, we will be conducting various surveys and polls to take the pulse of the community.  Read on below for those available opportunities, and check back frequently to find more.

Survey #4 - Visual Preference Survey

A picture is worth a thousand words! Over the past several months, we have engaged residents and local businesses in a series of conversations about Gallatin's future.  Now is your chance to share your preferences for how the city should look through a series of photos. 


This survey is closed and results are forthcoming!

Survey #3 - Preferences for Growth and Development

On June 4th, Mayor Brown and city leaders hosted a workshop to provide an opportunity for residents to learn more about Gallatin's growth trends and to learn about how different scenarios for can impact our quality of life.  


This survey is closed and results are forthcoming!

Survey #2 - Feedback on Key Takeaways from Community Visioning

You spoke, we listened!  During June and July, the City held six public events to engage area residents, businesses, and workers in a conversation about Gallatin's future.   As part of that effort, we solicited input on your expectations for the growth of the city and now we want to make sure that we heard right.   


This survey has ended, but you can view the results here.  Stay tuned for another survey.

Survey #1 - Help Define the Issues to be Addressed by PlanGallatin

More than 800 respondents weighed in on the issues and concerns that should be addressed by PlanGallatin. 

View the results here.

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