Progress on Plan Drafting!

Work is now underway with the City Council and Planning Commission to turn your ideas into Gallatin's new plan for the future.



Public input is vital for city leaders. Your comments and insight will help shape policy and investment in the future of Gallatin. 



Discover Gallatin through an interactive map that shows current and forecasted conditions.


No time for a meeting?

One of the easiest ways to provide input is by taking a survey. 


Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown


Mayor of Gallatin

“A comprehensive plan offers an all-inclusive approach to analyzing and evaluating future growth and provides residents the opportunity to work with city leaders to determine how to ensure continued prosperity and protect the quality of life for the City of Gallatin. Through this process, we will capture the vision of the community as it continues to grow and evolve.”



Chair, Gallatin Economic Development Agency and Business Owner

“I remember not that long ago, growing up in Gallatin, when the only shopping was the JC Penney and a couple of shops on the square. The only grocery was the H.G. Hills on East Main Street. Even though the city has certainly grown, we still maintain our own flavor - the foundation that makes us unique. We will continue to grow and continue to be unique, but we need Gallatin residents to participate in this recipe for the city's future.”


Gallatin City Planning Commissioner and Business Owner

“We’ve grown considerably and we are very diverse, but in order for us to be progressive, we need everybody to play a part. It takes us working together. It takes ideas from everyone. No idea is a bad idea.”


Executive Director, Gallatin Shalom Zone

“Gallatin Shalom Zone brings everyone together to help us grow beyond our current circumstances. We know the city has the same goal. Inclusion of everyone is crucial for Plan Gallatin’s success. Shalom Zone will help rally the people we serve. I encourage other groups who represent our diverse community to do the same. Participate in Plan Gallatin.”



CEO, Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce 

“Gallatin's business community has a lot at stake and the Chamber is eager to see this process move forward. Along with being an advocate for business, I'm personally invested in this process as a resident and most importantly, as a mother. I want our children to see their future in this plan - it's their Gallatin, too.”