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  • What is the purpose of this plan?
    Gallatin’s Comprehensive Plan will provide an overall vision for the community, especially as it relates to changes that will impact its current and future residents and businesses. The plan will address land use, economic opportunity, housing, transportation systems, the environment, historic preservation and more. Comprehensive plans usually identify goals & objectives and include strategies that can be implemented to achieve those goals. Gallatin’s plan will include these elements but will provide flexibility to accommodate unforeseen changes or unexpected opportunities
  • Why is this plan being done now?
    Like the rest of Middle Tennessee, Gallatin is changing quickly. The city’s last Comprehensive Plan was developed in 2009. Having an up-to-date Comprehensive Plan is critical to help manage ongoing growth while protecting the city's history, character, and quality of life.
  • Whose plan is it and who will use it?
    The Comprehensive Plan is the guiding document that city departments, agencies, residents, employers, developers, and other stakeholders will use to ensure that Gallatin evolves in line with the collective vision it creates for itself. For example, the Gallatin Planning and Engineering Departments will use the Plan to evaluate new development proposals and locations for new roads, bridges, sidewalks, greenways and bike paths. Gallatin Public Utilities can use the Plan to help continue its proactive approach to expanding services while still providing some of the lowest rates in the region. Most importantly, the community can use the plan to hold city leadership responsible for achieving the goals &oObjectives it approved based on everyone’s input.
  • Have similar plans been used across the region?
    Yes. While it is not required by state law, it is common for cities across the region, especially larger ones, to develop a Comprehensive Plan or have some form of a plan in place. Cities will also periodically update their plan every 5-10 years or make smaller amendments along the way if that becomes necessary.
  • When will the plan be completed and who approves it?
    The Comprehensive Plan is expected to be complete by the early 2020. The Gallatin City Council and Mayor will have the opportunity to review and formally approve the plan, along with the City Planning Commission. That approval process will include formal public hearings to gather public input prior to approval, but there will be many other opportunities for the public to participate and help shape the plan as it is being developed.
  • What if I don't live in Gallatin? Can I still participate?
    Yes! The Gallatin community includes people that don’t necessarily live within the city limits- employees, business owners, landowners and others. If you have an interest in the future of Gallatin, we want you to be involved in the planning process.
  • Why should I participate?
    As Gallatin changes, the most important part of the community will always be the people and families that live and work here. Decisions that are made during the planning process could influence the character of the community for years to come. The type and amount of future development, housing, jobs and parks will be discussed during the planning process. If these things matter to you, then you should come to a meeting, take an online survey, talk to your elected officials and neighbors about it, or better yet- do all these things!
  • What is the role of GNRC in this process?
    The Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) is working as a consultant to the City of Gallatin to develop its Comprehensive Plan. GNRC is a regional council of governments representing 13 counties in Middle Tennessee and is responsible for bringing together cities and counties, state agencies, and the public to plan for growth and development across the mid-state.
  • How do I participate?
    The best way to share your ideas is to participate in public meetings and workshops and to visit the project website often. The website will be updated throughout the process, so bookmark this site or create a shortcut and check back for new information. Also, several surveys will be conducted during the process- you can find the survey here. Also, if you think your church group, neighborhood association, homeowner association or other civic group or club would benefit from a presentation, please contact us at [email address] and we can make arrangements to visit with your group.
  • How will the city make sure they hear from as many people as possible?
    The planning team is conducting outreach with assistance from local leaders and organizations that serve all of Gallatin. It is our goal to reach as many people as possible and gather feedback to shape the Plan as it is being developed. There will be several rounds of public meetings and workshops, family-friendly activities and events, and online tools to help people share their own ideas and their reactions to the ideas that emerge from the process.


Have questions about city departments and services?
Ask Angela! Angela is the Mayor’s assistant and long-time employee of the City of Gallatin. Her form is a quick way to get answers or referrals to programs and services you need. Please visit

Want to attend a Council Meeting or view recordings of past meetings?

City Council meetings are open to the public and citizens are encouraged to attend. Council meets the first four Tuesdays of the month at 6 p.m. in City Hall. Sometimes holidays will cause cancellation of a meeting, but you can always check with the Mayor’s Office at 615-451-5961. Some of the meetings air live on Comcast Cable Channel 19.

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Interested in doing business in Gallatin?
The Gallatin Economic Development Agency serves as a catalyst for progressive and diverse economic development through community growth to ensure Gallatin’s prosperity. Contact them for help with business expansion, relocation, new operations, retail locations, and corporate offices.

City of Gallatin Economic Development Agency
James Fenton, Executive Director
Phone: 615-451-5940

Interested in a job with the City of Gallatin?
Click the “Jobs” link on the website to view and apply for current employment opportunities. You can also register for email alerts to be notified when new positions are available.

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