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Scenario Planning Recap 


Over the last month, Mayor Brown and city leaders have hosted a series of workshops and small group conversations to discuss how Gallatin should grow!  The input is helping to shape the first draft of the new comprehensive plan document.

REPLAY: Workshop on Gallatin Growth Scenarios


Did you miss the June 4th presentation?  No problem, take a few moments to watch the recording provided above.  If you want to skip around, here are a few important timestamps to help you on your way.

Program Agenda

07:00 - Welcoming Remarks, Mayor Brown

14:34 - Meet the City Planning Staff, Johh Puryear, Planning Commission Chair

23:57 - Your Future at Stake, Michael Skipper, Greater Nashville Regional Council

57:32 - What Path Will You Choose, Brad Baumgartner, Greater Nashville Regional Council

1:06:15 - An Opportunity to Collaborate with Neighbors, Rosemary Bates, Gallatin EDA

Already watch the video?

Past Events


Online Workshop with Gallatin Residents and Stakeholders -  June 4, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

Mayor Brown and city leaders welcomed more than 100 members of the community in an online workshop to share information related to Gallatin's growth trends and how they might impact quality of life. A recording of the session is available at the top of this page.  Stay tuned for a summary of the discussion and a list of questions and answers. 


Special Town Hall Event with Mayor Brown - October 29, 2019

Hosted at Welch College, the Town Hall featured 1) an open house workshop for members of the community to review and comment on the emerging issues and themes identified through the PlanGallatin process to date, 2) a keynote presentation by former Governor of Maryland Parris Glendening of Smart Growth America, and 3) a conversation between the Governor and Mayor Paige Brown about the applicability of his experiences to the City of Gallatin's community visioning and planning process.  

Community Visioning Open Houses - June and July 2019

As part of our community outreach efforts, Open House events were held in each of Gallatin's five council districts. This provided those who live or work in Gallatin an opportunity to have a say about Gallatin’s future, and to share their opinions in an informal setting. City staff and elected leadership were available to collect input, discuss ideas and answer questions.

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